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Getting to Know Jamel “Twin” Turner, Our March Spotlight Employee

  In October 2020, Twin was part of the All Points to WDS Logistics conversion. He has continued to play a vital role in the smooth transition and sustained success of the Little Rock location. Twin  is team and goal oriented both in and outside of the workplace, and his work ethic has quickly become …

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Getting to Know Michelle Macklin, Our June Spotlight Employee

We would like to take a moment to recognize our June Spotlight Employee, Michelle Macklin. Michelle became part of the WDS Logistics family almost one year ago, and has become a key component at the Corporate office, as well as company wide, being the Senior Accountant. Michelle is team and goal oriented in both work …

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Getting to Know Jackie Carpenter, Our October Spotlight Employee

October 2021 Spotlight Employee: Getting to know Jackie Carpenter Jackie became part of the WDS Logistics family almost 5 years ago, and quickly demonstrated her talent and strengths in her work. She began as the Dallas/Fort Worth Assistant Operations Manager, then moved to our Little Rock location as Operations Manager. Currently she is back in …

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Getting to know Lamar Knight, our August Spotlight Employee

August 2021 Spotlight Employee Getting to know Lamar Knight Lamar has been part of the WDS Logistics family for 4 years and is one of our most requested installers at the Houston location. He is team and goal oriented in the workplace and extremely family oriented outside of the workplace. Q: What is your favorite …

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A Message From Donnie and Colby Siratt

We are locally and family owned and, like almost every small business right now, are struggling.  Why are we still operating?  One, we are a small part of the supply chain that helps keep our communities running and we want to continue doing so as long as our customers need us.  Two, we’re comprised of almost …

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Our beginnings: A single delivery

Delivery_our beginnings

Our founder, Donald Siratt, was an entrepreneur before it was cool. In 1966, he delivered the first Xerox machine. This single delivery was the humble beginnings of the company that would later be known as WDS Logistics. From our beginnings in 1966 as Western, we’ve carved out a niche by focusing our business on high-value, …

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Fall in Texas works for your business move

Don’t miss the fall moving season in Texas. If you’re looking at a move, but not quite there, a logistics team can help you prepare a stress-free experience. If you’re not quite there but have outgrown your space, fall moves present unique business opportunities. Fall in Texas works for your business move –don’t lose this …

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What is Last Mile Delivery Service?

last mile delivery

In delivery services, the last mile is the most important. Last mile delivery is the service that transports the goods to the home or office space. It’s the moment when the customer interacts with the logistics business, and that is the moment where WDS Logistics shines. Our business model has been built around excellence in …

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Chris Demont, WDS Logistics Spotlight Employee

Chris Demont, today’s Spotlight Employee, has been with WDS for six years. He has established himself as one of the Lead Installers in the San Antonio WDS location. He is capable of completing any of the most complicated installations, including data center components, medical office equipment, and many standard office equipment elements. He is also …

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Office Equipment Moving and Storage

office equipment moving and storage

WDS Logistics began with a single truck and a team delivering Xerox copiers more than 50 years ago. Since then, we’ve grown, and we have continued delivering office equipment moving and storage throughout the Southwest. More than 75 percent of our customers have been with us since our first delivery to them. Our office equipment moving …

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