About WDS Logistics

From our beginnings in 1966 as Western, we’ve carved out a niche by focusing our business on high-value, time-sensitive product handling. Companies like Xerox, Red Bull, TechTrans, and Amazon trust us with their most critical cargo and their most treasured customers. We evolved the business in 2000 and named it WDS (for “We Deliver Service”) to concentrate on Texas and the contiguous states. In the years since, WDS has established itself as a best-in-class provider of logistical and transportation services. We specialize in the delivery, installation and storage of copiers, office equipment, automated kiosks, medical equipment and other In over 50 years, our business has grown and changed to meet the demands of the economy of Texas and the Southwest. From the beginning, the element of our business that has enabled us to succeed has been a commitment to excellence in service. Don had it, and his sons who continue to lead WDS have it and have transmitted this commitment to every team member. Customers remember the experience of white glove service delivered by a monkey with a jet pack. It’s just who we are.

Our family-owned business was founded by Don Siratt in 1966.


Donnie Siratt

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Colby Siratt

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Brian Enright

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Richard Good

Safety Manager (San Antonio)
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Ray Duncan

Operations Manager (Oklahoma City)
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Tony Licon

Senior Operations Manager (San Antonio)
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Fred Thornton

Senior Operations Manager (Houston)
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Jackie Carpenter

Operations Manager (DFW)
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Zack Krenek 

Business Development Manager (DFW)
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CJ Eddy

Operations Manager (Little Rock)
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