A Message From Donnie and Colby Siratt

We are locally and family owned and, like almost every small business right now, are struggling.  Why are we still operating?  One, we are a small part of the supply chain that helps keep our communities running and we want to continue doing so as long as our customers need us.  Two, we’re comprised of almost 100 great employees across the state of Texas who need to provide for their families.  So we’re taking all the precautions we can and hope to continue operating as long as we can do so in a safe and sound manner.

We specialize in the storage, delivery, and installation of medical, office, and data center equipment, as well as many other high-value products – but we can deliver or store just about anything!  If we can help your company (or anyone you know) with your delivery needs – please contact us.  Everyone who depends on WDS would really appreciate it!

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