Employee Spotlight: Ricky Garcia, Jr.

Ricky Garcia, Jr., today’s Spotlight Employee, is part of a family legacy of outstanding WDS employees. His father, Ricky Garcia, Sr., is a WDS employee as well, and he has been serving our local businesses for more than 30 years. Ricky has been with WDS Logistics for 16 years, and may one day challenge his father’s tenure.
Ricky Garcia, Jr. brings more than 10 years of experience as an installer to the WDS Logistics office in DFW. During his tenure at WDS, he has been recognized for his dependability and reliability, both by our team and by our customers. In fact, our customers often request Garcia by name for repeat visits. When asked what he loves about his job, Garcia replied, “I just love doing Xerox deliveries.” 
His upbeat attitude and smile make every interaction, both internally and externally, even better. When he’s not on the clock, he brings this joyful spirit home to his three school-aged children and wife. He’s either spending time with them or watching football–the Cowboys and the Longhorns are his two favorite teams. 
Thank you, Ricky, for everything you do, and congratulations on your achievements as the WDS Logistics Spotlight Employee.

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