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About Us

The WDS family

From our beginnings in 1966 as Western, we’ve carved out a niche by focusing our business on high-value, time-sensitive product handling. Companies like Xerox, Red Bull, TechTrans, and Amazon trust us with their most critical cargo and their most treasured customers.

We evolved the business in 2000 and named it WDS (for “We Deliver Service”) to concentrate on Texas and the contiguous states. In the years since, WDS has established itself as a best-in-class provider of logistical and transportation services. We specialize in the delivery, installation and storage of copiers, office equipment, automated kiosks, medical equipment and other high-value products as well as live event set up and logistics.

Count on WDS Logistics to be masters of this region, and masters of logistics. When your cargo matters, and your customers matter, we don’t just deliver goods. We deliver your good name.

If you’re going to mess with Texas, you need to get with WDS.

Francis J. McCabe
President & General Counsel
NVC Logistics Group, Inc.

Excellence in Service is in Our DNA

WDS Logistics is a family-owned company

Our family-owned business was founded by Don Siratt in 1966.

In 53 years, our business has grown and changed to meet the demands of the economy of Texas and the Southwest. From the beginning, the element of our business that has enabled us to succeed has been a commitment to excellence in service. Don had it, and his sons who continue to lead WDS Logistics have it and have transmitted this commitment to every team member.

Customers remember the experience of white glove service delivered by a monkey with a jet pack. It’s who we are.

Donnie Siratt, WDS FamilyDonnie Siratt serves as the CEO of WDS, and his entire career has been training to lead WDS Logistics. He has a degree in business from the TCU Neeley School of Business, and is currently a member and officer of YPO, a group of business leaders locally and globally, to continue to hone his business skills. Donnie has a passion for serving his customers and living the values of WDS every day.

Donnie is a family man and a TCU fan. Both of his oldest children attend TCU, and with his daughter on the cheerleading squad, the family is at most of the sporting events, particularly football. He also enjoys watching his youngest daughter compete at field hockey and softball.

He and his wife also support several charities, foremost among them is the Union Gospel Mission, which provides care and support for the homeless in the Fort Worth area.

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Colby Siratt, WDS FamilyColby Siratt is a CPA and serves as the CFO of WDS, and he brings hard-earned financial acumen to the team. He worked at Ernst & Young early in his career with clients as diverse as cattle barons, small town bankers, and Fortune 500 executives. This expertise plays out as a love of the details—from numbers and data to a desire to meet even the smallest need of a customer. Colby’s meticulosity is a strength for the WDS team.

In addition to his passion for minutiae, Colby loves spending time with his family. He has coached a wide variety of his children’s sports teams (fortunately, his enthusiasm is not dampened by his paltry win-loss record).  They are a family of Horned Frog fans, avid travelers, theatergoers, and foodies.

He is a past Chairman of the Board of Casa Mañana and along with his wife, past Board Presidents of KLIFE, a youth ministry in Fort Worth.

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Brian EnrightBrian Enright serves as President of WDS Logistics. He has worked in all aspects for the company since starting as a night shift warehouse employee in 1988. For a period of time in the early 2000s he left WDS to work as a Regional Manager of Logistics and Maintenance for AMR Corporation, but he decided to return to the WDS family, bringing experience from working in a Fortune 500 company with him.

When not spending time with his wife and two daughters or completing DIY home improvement projects, he enjoys working on classic cars and woodworking. Brian has also taken his DIY skills and helped less fortunate families in his community by performing home repairs at no cost or adding access ramps to homes with special needs children.

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tony liconTony Licon serves as Senior Operations Manager and is based in the San Antonio location. He began his career with the company more than 38 years ago in 1980 as a part-time driver and warehouse worker. Since then, he has worked his way up through the ranks and is one of the pillars of the company.

When he’s not working hard for WDS, Tony spends time with his children and his fiancée. Tony also enjoys working out, golf and fishing. And, after playing sports in high school and college, he maintains his loyalties to our Texas sports teams—specifically the Dallas Cowboys and the San Antonio Spurs.


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Fred Thornton serves as Senior Operations Manager and is based in the Houston location. Fred has been part of the WDS family for over 37 years, beginning with the original company WTS in 1981. He started his career as a warehouse worker and driver in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and then relocated to our Houston location to take on a variety of roles helping with the day to day operation, progressing from Associate Director to the Director of Operations. Fred has been a crucial part of implementing new programs for customers.

Fred is a dedicated family man who enjoys spending time with his wife, four children, and two grandchildren. Along with proudly having the title of Papa, Fred is an avid sports fan, and cheers on the Astros, Texans, and Longhorns throughout their seasons.

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Spenser Daniels serves as the Operations Manager for the Dallas/Ft. Worth location. He began his career at WDS as a Warehouse Manager and earned rapid promotions due to his dedication to the continuing pursuit of knowledge and his drive to improve the environment around him.

Spenser graduated from Lindenwood University, where he was a nationally ranked wrestler on the collegiate level and began his management career in the St. Louis area. Spenser enjoys using his 20 plus years of experience in wrestling to give back to the community by coaching children of all ages in various organizations. Along with being a mentor to young wrestlers, Spencer enjoys spending time with his family.

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Richard Good serves as the Safety Manager of WDS primarily out of the San Antonio office, with frequent trips to the Houston and DFW locations. He began his career with WDS in 1988 as a driver and installer, gaining 27 years of experience before progressing to Warehouse Manager for 3 years. Richard was promoted to Safety Manager in 2018, fulfilling a critical focal point for WDS.

Richard is a Navy veteran who enjoys hunting, fishing, and golfing in his spare time. He also volunteers every month to work the food pantry at his church and takes courses at the local San Antonio Police Department to be able to help counsel battered women and children.


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