50th Anniversary

It’s been 50 years…and we’re just getting started.

In the beginning…

In 1966, Don Siratt started the company that would eventually become WDS Logistics in Fort Worth, Texas.  Western Transfer and Storage began as a two-man, one-truck operation that delivered household appliances. One day, a local Xerox representative contacted Don to deliver a copier. As they say, the rest is history.

From that initial delivery, Western became the carrier for Xerox throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s. Western quickly expanded into Dallas, Austin, Nashville, Oklahoma City and Houston.  Riding this wave of opportunity, Western Transfer and Storage transformed into Western Transportation Systems, and eventually became known as WTS, finding its niche delivering multiple products for manufacturers of high-tech equipment.

The ’80s—Big Hair and Big Growth

In the 1980s and ‘90s, WTS continued to expand into new territories, including Colorado and New Mexico, eventually growing to operate in eight states across the South and Southwest. A long haul division was created, utilizing tractor trailers to deliver everything from groceries to auto parts. WTS had become very successful by taking care of its employees and providing exceptional customer service, and it was recognized by its customers for doing so.

Redefining WTS

In 1997, after being aggressively pursued by Burnham, a competitor for Xerox delivery, WTS was sold.  Well-funded by international financing and extensive resources, it appeared Burnham would be successful with their strategy.  However, only three years after the purchase of WTS, Burnham went out of business, almost overnight.

A New Millennia and a Fresh Start

In June of 2000, the original owners of WTS opened a new Dallas/Fort Worth-based trucking company named WDS Logistics with the maxim, “We Deliver Service”.  Later that same year, former WTS employees began calling, hoping there would be a place for them with the new WDS.  As part of Xerox’s Business Resumption Plan, WDS bid on and was awarded the Xerox contract for the three Texas locations in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.  By hiring most of the employees Burnham was leaving behind, WDS Logistics was a new company backed by decades of experience.

In the years since, WDS has survived and grown.  The national economic downturn was particularly tough on the trucking industry, pushing rates and margins to the limits and driving many competitors out of business. WDS was able to weather the storm by improving efficiency, growing its customer base and expanding into new but strategically aligned markets (home deliveries of high-value products, warehousing of international freight and corporate event setup).

What Can WDS Logistics Do To Help You Today?

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